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Isn't this what the journey is all about? Making sure we LIVE, flourish, grow and stretch ourselves and our imaginations. Let’s document this existence that we’re so blessed to have and create ways to enlighten the journey and our path, whether that is finding creative ways to manage money, declutter to clear our mental, start new relationships, or end old ones. We are going to talk about everything. You ready?


To fund all these dreams, we have to bring home the donuts. While we are doing that, it is imperative that we are working in places and spaces that fuel our souls, and if not, we must see how we can develop our passions and still bring a servant's heart to our day-to-day grind. For me, I LOVE real estate. It is why I work 80 hour work weeks. I do not recommend working that much but for me, it is my happy place and my headache.  


#CurateYourHappy. Adulting is hard. It takes effort, control, and discernment, and through it all we must play. It is imperative to our souls!!! Let's see how we can elevate the Play game, shall we?


Love isn't just lovey-dovey. It is an action and one that we have to share with the world on a daily basis because how else are we doing to grow where we're planted? On the relationship side, being with my husband for nearly 15 years, I was a baby when we got together and he was a grown @$$ man. I have grown into a pretty okay wife, but it always wasn't that way. Love takes effort and I am here to share the lessons I have learned and I want to hear yours too as well as how I can help. Your Love Doctor is in the house. No medical degree included. 


Living in constant examination mode, I am always exploring, reading and heightening my growth. Whether it is books, travel, professional development, mental health strategies - let's learn these things together!

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